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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Finding Names and attaching as sources in Family Tree

This is Deborah Hines Engman. Somehow, my father, Richard Alyn Hines and his brother, Norman Russell Hiines, my uncle were recorded by you as deceased. Just want you to know they are very alive, just watched conference and ate dinner with my dad, and just talked to my uncle this week. I have put in a request that this status be changed. My father is an endowed member, has served as a Bishop, Stake mission president etc. He doesn't need to be  Norm, though, is not a member, but is still alive so no work can be done, yet... :)

Deb Hines Engman

Dear Deborah,
I looked for both of these individuals on Family Tree.  I can find neither of them.  Perhaps if you could let me know the ancestral line, so I can find out how that came about.  I apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused.  When I find an individual, I search for records for sources. I only work on lines that are direct ancestors and their descendants.  I would be happy to correspond with you further to see how we are related.

I wrote on April 12 2015

Here is a screen shot from Family Tree.  I descend from Andrew Jackson Kerr's LHLK-RV6 Grandfather William Jasper Kerr 9QY3-5LJ.  The line is as follows. William Jasper Kerr, (son) Robert Marion Kerr, (son)Marion Joseph Kerr, (daughter) Mary Ellen Kerr, (son) Ivin Lafayette Gee, and me.

I got the names from census records. (1940) and put them in to Family Tree when I entered the source on 7 March 2015.  I did not know that they were still living and apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

There is a story about Josephus Kerr
or as he is known by Joseph Kerr, which I have not added to his record in Family Tree because I am still trying to document that this is the same Joseph.  Joseph Kerr was crippled from birth and served as a spy for the American forces in the Revolutionary War against the British, If you want a copy of this,let me know.
Laurence Gee