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Monday, January 25, 2016

More correspondance with Family Search

Details: Laura Gee 1878-Deceased • 9NQL-T1X listed as Male Laura Gee 1878-Deceased • 9VY9-3B5 Female. She is listed as a female in this family in the 1880 and the 1900 census I am unable to merge these two because of the difference in sexes. Please refer to Data Administration

Details: Harry Lukin 23 April 1897 – Deceased • L76B-JLK Female the source lists this as questionable sex. Parents are John Lukin Deceased • L76B-JLL Ernnretta Ken Deceased • L76B-JLG Here is the real Harry Harry Lukin 1897-1967 • KZZ4-WZZ He is a male. Parents are John Luken 1858-Deceased • KHYT-3D2 Emeretta Kerr 1860-1880 • LCVD-3F Because the two Harrys are of different sex I cannot merge them. I have eliminated the duplication of parents and now both Harrys appear in the same family. One with a birth date 2 days after the other. I would appreciate it if you could send this to Data Administration for correction.

Monday, January 4, 2016

More merging in Family Tree

In looking at the descendants of Solomon Gee database, I found the following information. It comes through the descendants of Salmon Gee.  

Annie Marilla Davis KWCF-64W 8 July 1875 – 1 April 1971
All ordinances complete
Annie Mayrilla Davies
8 July 1875 – Deceased • K2W9-MFN

ordinances only partially complete, but the baptism and confirmation dates are the same for both individuals..

Seem to be the same individual. I am unable to merge.
Laurence Gee, M.D.

Dear Ivin Laurence Gee,

RE: Annie Marilla Davis KWCF-64W

Thank you for contacting FamilySearch Support and bringing your concern to our attention.  The duplicate membership records have been combined into the Person Identification (ID) referenced above.


FamilySearch Data Administration 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Duplicates Abound

Family Tree is a work in progress. Today I found a duplicate that I could not merge, so I sent the following message to Family Search.

1884-1931    •  K2HX-V98 is the wife of

Daniel H. Simkins

5 January 1883 – 21 January 1951  •  KWJ8-8ZV
They have 5 children listed

She is also listed under the ID of LKVB-MZL with no children.

The program will not let me combine the two individuals, although they are the same.

Would you please forward this to Data Administration for correction?