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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Correcting the McGee in Family Tree

On April 25th I received an e-mail from my cousin Janet Pollei.

Hi Laurence,
 I find a file for Solomon McGee #L2RY-FVH with the same birth date as Salmon Gee KWJP-41C who has a read only file, so you can't combine them.   They are both listed as children of Zopher Gee.  This information was entered a year ago by David Turley. Perhaps it is a file that can't be corrected because of the "read only" set up for the files.

 I am in hopes that you may be aware of this entry and know how it can be removed or combined.


I looked at the record on Family Tree and the sent the following to Family Search Support.

Someone has reserved ordinances for Solomon McGEE 16 October 1792 – 3 September 1845 • L2RY-FVH ​ as a child to the marriage of Zopher Gee KWVX-4VQ ​ and Esther Beckwith LZ2H-WP7 ​ on 18 April 2016
He has the same date of birth as Salmon Gee KWJP-41C who has a read only file because he was a general authority.. The date and place of death are the same as well. even if this is not reflected on Salmon's record in Family Tree. You may read his history on his record in Family Tree.
His son Lysander Gee completed all his ordinances

Solomon was not his given name and McGee was not his surname. and there are no sources attached to his record in Family Tree and the reason you gave for adding this name was GEDCOM file.

I maintain a database of 12956 individuals connected with Solomon Gee LZL9-B9S born 1698 in Devonshire, England. The name McGee does occur as some individuals changed the name, but the closest one is Solomon Everet McGee KHXC-G7Y born in 1843 in Massachusetts and died in Beaverhead, Montana in 1910, who was the son of Solomon Gee KLJJ-MCQ and Fanny Adams Wellman KLJN-B3B

Since there can be no changes to this record, I would suggest that you add his correct date of death and place of death. They are the same as noted in Solomon McGEE 16 October 1792 – 3 September 1845 • L2RY-FVH record. I have written to both individuals who have reserved ordinance for this man through Family Tree messages, because they have no other contact information. There is no need to duplicate these ordinances.

Laurence Gee
18 June 1934

Today ( June 21, 2017) I received an answer.
Dear Ivin Laurence Gee, 
RE: FamilySearch Support Case 03459562: Duplicate individuals with different names. 
Thank you for contacting FamilySearch Support and bringing your concern to our attention. We have resolved your request in Family Tree and encourage you to verify that the issue has been corrected as requested.
I looked at the record and the record for Solomon McGee was no longer there. 
I wrote the following back to Janet.
They finally removed Solomon McGee in Family Tree.
This is what I wrote to Support:

Salomon Gee
1794–Deceased  •  M5V7-8KM ​ is listed as a son of Zopher Gee
Zopher Gee
1763–1829  •  KWVX-4VQ ​

Salomon's birth date is listed as 31 August 1794 in Connecticut. This record was added to Family Tree by Family Search 1 July 2012.  I put in the discussion that this man should not be merged with Salmon Gee.

If you look at the birth date of his sister according to Family Tree record you can see that
Esther Gee
1794–1849  •  L433-7YT ​ was born 6 July 1794.  As a physician, I can assure you that at that time it would have been physically impossible for two children to be born to the same mother at those times.

I would suggest that you delete Salomon Gee
1794–Deceased  •  M5V7-8KM as a child of that family.  I have documentary evidence that there were only three children born to the marriage of Zopher and
Esther Beckwith
1770–1794  •  LZ2H-WP7 ​ and Esther died ten days before Salomon Gee
1794–Deceased  •  M5V7-8KM was born.


Laurence Gee
18 June 1934
We will now see what happens at this juncture.  They never did correct Salmon’s death date on the record and I cannot do it, because the record is locked for editing.