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Friday, February 24, 2017

Old money and Pride

Or the Altgelt and Stoltz families 

These two German families came to America.  They changed the spelling of their names to Stults and Outcalt or various permutations of the original. 
When I was in Germany in1997 to 2000, I started corresponding with their descendants and collecting information on the families. I filed this in my filing cabinet and added to the information from time to time. 

The other day I pulled out the folder and scanned in the documents. Then I started to enter the information into my genealogy program. I also compared this to the records in FamilyTree. 
I have spent most of the last 45 days working on this file.  Although it is not complete or edited, I will put it on my Google Drive and let those who wish to view it have access to it.  The document is 191 pages. 

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